Foresight Project Final Conference


Foresight Project Final Conference

Date: 03 June 2021

Time: 15.00-18.30

Participants: 50 international and national academics, researchers, teachers, students, professionals, other stakeholders.

Focus: The aim of the FORESIGHT project is to develop teaching modules that enable students to look to the future from new angles. That is, not only from commercial and profitable viewpoints but also from perspectives that are sustainable socially and environmentally. In addition, within the project, an instrument by which our students’ ‘future consciousness’ or ‘future orientation’ can be monitored have been developed. In this sense, the concept of ‘Grand Societal Challenges’ have been translated into a workable concept as a point of departure for foresight and innovation processes.

Thus, the aim of the final conference organized within the project is to disseminate the results and conclusions reached within the Foresight project. We have already completed one intensive programme to teach the teachers, and two intensive programmes with students from Fontys Academy for Creative Industries, Karel de Grote Hogeschool, Istanbul Ticaret University, Budapest Metropolitan University and the University of the Basque Country. Students have been trained in the developed methodologies and through a specific online platform created ad hoc for the project. Hence, we will share the overall experiences and results to students, researchers and other stakeholders and participants .

The main question that has guided the leitmotif of the next three blocks is to debate on how to look towards fairer futures. If we want a future world where the quality of life is good for everyone, we will have to act now and solve complex problems such as aging, waste, food, human rights and environmental issues.


Opening Session 15.00 – 15.15

Welcome and Opening

Oguz Demir: Speech of the project coordinator and the organizer(s) of the conference

Irati Agirreazkuenaga: Speech of the moderator of the conference.

PART I. 15.15 – 16.30

Topic: IMPLEMENTING FORESIGHT AT THE UNIVERSITY: in class and at organizational level  


1. Monica Veeger: Fontys Academy for Creative Industries: how you do it, examples and results (10’)

2. Gie Segers: Karel de Grote Hogeschool: how you do it, examples and results (10)’

3. Oguz Demir: Istanbul Ticaret University: how you do it, examples and results (10)’

4. Vilmos Vass: Budapest Metropolitan University: how you do it, examples and results (10)’

5. Irati Agirreazkuenaga: University of the Basque Country: small group templates and possible interdisciplinary future implementation application (media and political science) (10)’

Q&A 5’

Moderator: Irati Agirreazkuenaga

BREAK 16.30-16.45

PART II. 16.45 – 17.45


            Teachers & students’ standpoints


Students: Mikel García (1st intensive programme), Melek Kurtisagai (1st intensive programme), Hannah Jertz (2nd intensive programme), Jessica Cossu (2nd intensive programme)

Lecturer and researcher: Raf Exelmans

Issues to debate on:

  • How is to look to the future from a multicultural perspective?
  • Traditional (face-to-face) and pandemic times (online) implementation of the student’s training programme: different insights and experiences
  • Why do you think you have to learn about futures?
  • Challenges and expectations in future research education: how do you think other agents take part and contribute to future education?

Moderator: Vilmos Vass

PART III. 17.50 – 18.20


–Session divided in three different breakout rooms–

PART IV. 18.20 – 18.30

Closing session

Oguz Demir: Speech of the project coordinator

Summary and next steps

Closing thoughts

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